Tales of food, sex and friendship

Season 8, Episode 10

January 23, 2013


“That was, without a doubt, the worst movie I’ve ever seen,” Ana exclaimed as the group of friends left the cinema. Given they were the only people remaining at the end of the three and a half hour epic, it was obviously a sentiment shared by a large portion of the population.

Joey shrugged. “I didn’t think it was that bad.”

“That’s because you slept through it!”

Joey grinned sheepishly, turning to Willow, Johnny and Mia. “I seem to get severe narcolepsy after nine pm,” she said with a wink.

Mia yawned. “You and me both.” She tucked her arm into Johnny’s and batted her eyelashes playfully at him. “Will you carry me to the car?”

“And me,” Willow said. “I’m too tired to walk another step.”

“Not sure that I can manage 2.5 people,” Johnny said. “Besides, Willow, where’s Bryn tonight? I would’ve thought carrying you to cars was his job these days?”

“Working,” Willow said, gently poking Johnny in the ribs.

The elevator stopped at the lowest level, the doors sliding open. The five of them stepped out into the flickering glow of a fluorescent bulb. Aside from a handful of other cars, the carpark seemed to be completely empty.


The friends turned. Walking towards them was a young man, dirty blonde hair and clothes that looked as though they didn’t see the inside of a washing machine too often. His eyes darted around and he had his hands tucked deep into his jacket. He sniffed loudly and then coughed.

“Keep going to the car,” Joey said in a low voice. “I’ll deal with this.”

“Joey, just leave it,” said Ana.

“I’m sure he’s harmless,” Joey said. “Just wasted.”

She stood her ground as the young guy walked closer. “How’s it going?” she said, casually.

“You got a dollar?” His eyes darted from Joey to the elevator to Willow, Johnny, Ana and Mia, who were standing a few feet away.

Joey dug her hands into her pockets and pulled out a handful of coins. “This is all I’ve got, mate.”

He hungrily snatched the coins and licked his lips. “What about your friends?”

Joey shook her head. “That’s all we’ve got,” she repeated.

“Joey, come on!” Ana called, her face etched with concern. Something didn’t feel right. “We’ve got to go.”

A slow smile spread across the guy’s face. “Joey, is it?” He reached back into his pocket and removed his hand. In it, he held a small, black gun. “You want to double check if they’ve got any cash?” he said in a low voice, waving the gun.

Ana screamed. She didn’t mean to. It just came out.

“I want all your wallets and purses,” the guy said calmly. He was now standing behind Joey, the gun pointed squarely at her head. “Now!”

“Give me your bags,” Willow said quietly to the others.

Silently, they gave their handbags and wallets to Willow. Johnny clutched Mia’s arm, pulling her behind him protectively. Ana looked as though she wanted to run to Joey’s rescue, but Johnny put his other hand on her arm and shook his head. No point. Do what he says. It’ll be over soon.

Willow walked the three steps to where the man was standing. She could see the desperation in his eyes. Beads of sweat gathered on his forehead and his hand was shaky.

“Here,” she said. “Take them.”

“Put them on the ground,” he rasped.

Willow nodded and put the bags slowly onto the ground.

Suddenly, everything started moving. The ground shook violently, as though someone had picked it up and were shaking it like a beach towel. The concrete pillars looked as though they had become fluid columns of liquid as they shifted erratically from side to side. The noise was unbelievable. Shrieking metal, concrete buckling, glass shattering, water rushing from somewhere. Screaming.

Willow and Joey clutched each other as they fell to the ground. Ana, Johnny and Mia flew in separate directions, hitting the floor hard. The man clutched at nothing as the gun went flying out of his hands and fell into a chasm that had opened up in the ground, followed closely by all the bags. Dust swirled and got into their noses and throats. Lumps of stone and metal bombarded them from every side.

It was the longest sixty seconds any of them had ever experienced.

When the earth stopped shaking, their bodies lay scattered on the broken ground. The roof of the carpark had caved in, sealing the entrance. All the power had gone out and they were engulfed in a thick blackness

Gingerly, Ana pushed herself up. She gagged, her throat sticky with dust. “Hello?” she croaked. “Can you guys hear me? Are you all OK?”

Joey’s voice appeared from somewhere in the darkness. “I’m here and fine. Willow?”

Willow sat up, resting against a makeshift wall that definitely hadn’t been there earlier. She put her hand to her forehead. It was sticky and warm and had started to throb. “I’ve cut my head.”


“I don’t think so.”

A groan echoed from somewhere, followed by an angry cry. “My leg’s trapped.” It was the young man who, only minutes ago was brandishing a gun at them.

“Serves you right,” Joey said under her breath. She sighed. “Don’t move,” she said loud enough for him to hear. “You might do more damage. I’m sure someone will come and help us soon.”

He mumbled something under his breath.

Ana tried to make out the shapes of the others. “Johnny? Mia? You both OK?”

Mia’s voice was panicked. “I don’t know where Johnny is.”


“He was here. And now I can’t find him.”

“Keep talking,” Ana said. “I’m going to come to you.”

She hadn’t been thrown more than a few feet away, but it took five minutes to navigate her way over the uneven terrain to where Mia was.

“You’re not hurt? The baby…?”

“We’re fine,” Mia said in a rush. “Just help me find Johnny.”

They sifted through rocks, crawling on all fours. Willow and Joey slowly made their way over and helped. Even though their eyes became accustomed to the darkness, there wasn’t enough light to make out more than faint shapes as they searched.

Willow’s hand touched something. Fabric. Denim. Johnny’s jacket. “He’s here!” She shook his shoulder gently. “Johnny?”

No response.

Mia crawled over, letting out a gasp as she felt his stationary body lying on the ground.

“I can feel a pulse,” Willow said. “But…”


“He’s unconscious. I think he hit his head pretty badly.”

Mia pursed her lips together to stop the sobs from coming out. That wasn’t going to help anybody.

“Let’s move the rocks and dirt off him,” Joey said. “And we can use our jackets as blankets. At least it’ll keep him warm.”

“How are we going to get out of here?” Mia asked in a small voice. “We need to get him to a doctor.”

“We just need to sit tight,” Willow said, wrapping her arms around Mia. “Someone will come and find us. Very soon.”


It was probably no more than six hours, but it felt like days had passed by the time a shaft of light pierced the blackness. It was came from outside and penetrated the gaps in the concrete. Ana scrambled up.

She cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled. “Help! We’re trapped.”

A faint voice replied. “Is anyone hurt?”

“Yes,” Ana yelled. “We need a doctor.”

“I’m coming down,” the voice called back.

Willow’s heart skipped a beat. That voice. It was so familiar. “Bryn?” she whispered. She jumped up, trying to peer through the concrete carnage. “Bryn!” she shouted. “Is that you?”

“Willow! Thank goodness! Are you OK?”

Willow was giddy with laughter. “We’re fine. Well, sort of.”

“I’ve been to every bloody movie theatre in this city,” Bryn said.

“You came to find us?” Willow said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Of course,” Bryn said. A hand appeared through a crack of the concrete. Willow grabbed it, smothering the dirty fingers with kisses.

“I sure hope that’s you, Willow,” Bryn said. She could hear the smile in his voice. “How was the movie?”

“Terrible,” Willow said, half sobbing, half laughing. “Worst movie ever.” She wiped her face with her free hand, taking a deep, shaky breath. “Bryn?”


“Will you be able to get us out of here?”

“Help is on it’s way,” Bryn said.

Willow turned to the others. “Not long now,” she said. “We’re all going to be fine.” She squeezed Mia’s shoulder reassuringly.

Mia put her fingers back to Johnny’s throat. His pulse fluttered weakly. He felt cold. Clammy. She leaned down and kissed his bloodied, dirty cheek.  “Hold on,” she whispered in his ear. “Please hold on.”


It is with sadness I announce that this is the final episode of Ravenous: Tales of Food, Sex and Friendship. I can’t thank you enough for your continued support and encouragement over the last few years as we have journeyed through the loves and lives of Ana, Mia, Willow, Johnny and others.

If you have enjoyed the series, please spread the word (the website will still be running for people to read all eight seasons) and make sure to keep in touch! You never know, the gang may get a renaissance at some point in the distant future….

For now, au revoir.

Roxy-Rose Walker  XXX