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Season 3: Episode 7

July 19, 2011

From: mia_pilates@hotmail.com
To: ana.prevents@gmail.com, willowbakescakes@gmail.com
Hello from Bangkok

Hello to my two favourite ladies!

Arrived in BKK late last night safe and sound – having an amazing time already. I’d forgotten how humid it is here – I think that Melbourne has made me soft! I grew up in weather like this, but can’t even look outside without cracking a sweat now!

Had drinks last night with a bunch of people who I met at the hotel – they are all really nice. The place I am staying is really great and I might head to one of the islands in a few days for a week by the beach. Have spent the morning so far acclimatising to holiday life (i.e. sitting by pool and reading and drinking fruit smoothies – it’s a tough life). Am about to brave the city and head out for a wander and then probably going to meet up with some people for dinner or something.

Hope that you are both surviving the cold!  Will write again soon.

Miss you!

Mia xxx

Ps: Ana, give my love to Tom

Pps: No, Willow, I haven’t met any boys (yes, I can read your mind!!)

Ppps: Willow, I must find the recipe for you of these amazing fruit smoothies that the hotel make. They are incredible. Fresh Mango and Pineapple with a hint of ginger and crushed ice. I’ve never tasted anything like them!

Mia pressed send and shut the cover of her laptop. Who was she kidding? She wasn’t going to go to the islands on her own, and the drinks with people she met at the hotel equated to her having a complementary cocktail at the hotel bar on the insistence of the concierge before hurrying back to her room and curling up in bed. She hadn’t even talked to anyone else.

She surveyed her surrounds and sighed, taking a long sip of the fresh fruit smoothie that she had ordered, her second already for the day – they were just about the best thing she’d ever had to drink. The hotel was gorgeous – she wasn’t lying about that at least. The large pool was crystal blue and sparkled in the midday sun. Deck chairs were set up around the edges and were slowly filling with holidaymakers who came equipped with books, tanning lotion, hats and elaborate bathing suits. Mia looked down at her own navy blue bikini, for the first time embarrassed by how unfashionable it was. She noticed that a lot of the girls had floaty dress type things that they wore to cover their bikinis. They all looked so effortlessly cool. Mia only had singlets that she wore to work and some old crummy shorts that had holes in the pockets.

Maybe it had been a mistake planning an impromptu holiday alone, especially to somewhere like Bangkok. Sure, the hotel was wonderful and the weather was certainly better than the bitter cold of Melbourne, but she just wasn’t enjoying herself. She felt… lonely. Everywhere she turned there seemed to be couples. Men and women feeding each other pancakes at the breakfast buffet; walking through the lobby hand in hand; canoodling by the swimming pool. It was as though they were rubbing her face in the fact that she didn’t have a boyfriend.

Mia didn’t want just any boyfriend though. She wanted Johnny.

She thought that getting away from Melbourne would cure her longing for him, but if anything it had just made it worse. She could not stop thinking about him; about the way he looked, smelled, spoke, smiled. The way he had kissed her. She had slept fitfully last night, tossing and turning in her oversized hotel bed, wishing that he were there to share it with her. She didn’t dare imagine what she wanted him to do to her – it was just too painful knowing that it wasn’t going to happen.

A couple had set up camp on the sunlounge next to her and were tangled in a passionate embrace, all hands and lips and heavy breathing. She cleared her throat to remind them that she was in close enough vicinity to see that his hand had gone places that it probably shouldn’t in public, but they either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Mia realised that this was a losing battle and stood up, pulling her shorts on and picking up her laptop, before heading back to her room. She had mentioned going into town in the email, so maybe she should do that. That was certainly something that would help kill a few hours. She quickly showered and changed into her least hideous summer dress, ran a brush quickly through her hair, grabbed her Thailand Lonely Planet and headed out of the hotel.


The streets felt as though they were bathed in hot soup and after half an hour wandering she found refuge and a cold beverage in a nearby air conditioned café. Mia flipped through the guidebook’s suggestions of things to do and see. She decided that a ferry trip to China Town sounded fun (or, more fun than wandering aimlessly in unbearable humidity) and headed towards one of the stops along the Mekong river.

The ferry was jammed with tourists and locals as it zig zagged across the river, collecting and depositing people at every stop. At the stop for China Town there was a mass exodus of oversized cameras, bum-bags and maps. Mia joined the throng of visitors as they filed across the makeshift gangplank onto the jetty, careful not to trip over the uneven surface. The tall Norwegian behind her had other plans however, and pushed her forward so that she fell sideways onto the jetty, her dress ending up somewhere around her ears. He loped off, unaware that he had sent Mia sprawling. She tugged down her clothing so that she was decently covered again and glanced around, embarrassed.

“You OK?” a friendly voice said above her. “That was a pretty big tumble.”

She looked up into the smiling face of a young man who was holding out his arm to help her up. He looked familiar and she thought for a moment that she might have known him, but then she remembered that she was somewhere on the other side of the world and she didn’t know anyone. Mia mumbled her thanks as she got to her feet again and turned quickly to walk away.

“Hey, wait,” the voice said again. “You dropped this.”

She turned and saw he was holding her Lonely Planet guide.

“Thank you,” she said, taking the book and walking away quickly, mortified that someone had not only seen her take a spill, but that she had displayed her ‘sensible’ underwear to the general public.


Mia spent the next couple of hours wandering through the narrow streets of China Town before realising that she hadn’t eaten since breakfast and was absolutely starving. She checked her watch and was surprised to discover it was nearly dinnertime. She thought about going back to the hotel and ordering room service, but her grumbling stomach was in need of more immediate gratification and won over. There was a pleasant looking restaurant across the road, so she tentatively crossed and peered through the door.  The restaurant was busy, but there were lots of people eating alone so Mia took a deep breath and walked in. She was quickly seated and ordered a water to sip while waiting for her food. She looked intently through her Lonely Planet so she wouldn’t have to make eye contact with anyone.

“Hello again.”

Mia looked up from pretending to read. It was the boy from the ferry who had salvaged her book.

“May I?” He indicated to the chair opposite her, sitting down before she had said yes.

“I’m John,” he said, extending a muscular, tanned forearm out towards her.

Mia peered at him closely, taking in his attractive features and strong, wide shoulders. Her jaw dropped. Of course he looked familiar. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed it before.

He was the absolute spitting image of Johnny.